Tax reliefs under scrutiny as Hodge defies critics (Tax Journal)

  • Commons public accounts committee insists that recent reports and forthcoming tax reliefs inquiry are within its remit
  • Much can be done unilaterally to combat BEPS, says David Quentin
  • Debate resembles ‘the court of the Queen of Hearts’ at times, says Heather Self

The Commons public accounts committee has defended its ‘robust’ scrutiny of tax issues and denied exceeding its remit, following reports that a senior Treasury figure warned in an off-record media briefing that the PAC’s work was having an ‘impact’ on inward investment.

The briefing drew an angry response from committee members, including the Conservative MP Stewart Jackson, who told The Guardian: ‘I don’t think there is any evidence that any of our inquiries have had any influence on hard-headed businessmen considering whether they should come to Britain.’

A PAC spokesperson told Tax Journal: ‘We make no apologies for scrutinising issues robustly.’

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