Tax consultation deadlines

Consultation on the draft Finance Bill measures published in December closed yesterday.

You have just over a week to “have your say” on Budget 2015, if you want to make representations to the Treasury. Submissions are invited by 13 February. The Finance Bill is expected to be published very soon after the 18 March Budget.

Next week two consultations on particular aspects of UK tax will close:

Employment intermediaries, temporary workers and relief for travel and subsistence expenses

Tackling aggressive tax planning, implementing the agreed G20-OECD [BEPS] approach for addressing hybrid mismatch arrangements

The BEPS project is reaching a critical stage but there is very little coverage in mainstream media. More on that soon.

Four BEPS consultations are set to close tomorrow. The OECD invited comments on discussion drafts relating to:

Action 4: Interest deductions and other financial payments

Actions 8, 9 and 10: Proposed revisions to the transfer pricing guidelines and “special measures”

Action 10: Use of profit splits in the context of global value chains

Action 10: The transfer pricing aspects of cross-border commodity transactions