HMRC consults on measures to simplify employee benefits tax

A flurry of HM Revenue & Customs consultations launched August 9 reduced a considerable backlog, but there remained no sign of long-awaited consultations on HMRC’s contentious Making Tax Digital (MTD) project … An HMRC spokesman told Tax Analysts that no date has been fixed yet for the launch of the MTD consultations.

The consultations published August 9 included three relating to employment income:

Payrolling benefits in kind

PAYE settlement agreements

‘Making good’ on benefits in kind

Read more: My news story for Tax Notes, 10 August (paywall) published by Tax Analysts.

HMRC consultations, along with most other government business, were put on hold towards the end of May. But the department has issued 15 consultations so far this week (including 13 consultations listed here and two sets of draft legislation listed here.)