MPs urged to seek expert briefings on new UK tax laws

Members of the UK Parliament should consult tax experts before scrutinising finance bills and should do a “more rigorous” job of examining new measures, according to Andrew Tyrie, chair of the House of Commons Treasury Committee.

Finance bills are examined in detail by a House of Commons Public Bill Committee, known as the Finance Bill Committee, once MPs have debated the general principles of the bill during its second reading. “It is astonishing that, alone among committees formed to look at each piece of legislation, the Finance Bill Committee does not take evidence from those best informed about the subject, before beginning its detailed line-by-line consideration. This should be put right,” Tyrie said in a statement published on January 11 …

“Dumping poor-quality tax legislation onto the statute book on a quiet day in committee” should no longer be an option for the government, Tyrie added.

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