Tax transparency advocates report growing interest in voluntary disclosure

Following recent scandals more companies are recognising the public relations risks of aggressive tax planning and are taking steps to protect their reputations, according to the director of the Fair Tax Mark.

Tax is a policy tool that helps build the kind of society that is desired, Emily Kenway told the March 14 meeting of the UK’s Women in Tax network in Manchester. “Do we want a society that is equally fair to men and women? Do we want an economy in which small business has a fair start — a level playing field — or one in which monolithic, well-known multinationals can just run rings around them?” she asked …

Businesses are starting to care more and more about tax and are saying, “OK, let’s get on the front foot with this,” said Kenway, who joined the Fair Tax Mark in 2016. Read more:

My news story for Tax Analysts, March 17 (paywall)