UK Treasury rejects call for tax expert input in finance bill debates

HM Treasury welcomed ideas for improved scrutiny of tax measures but rejected a recommendation that members of Parliament examining annual finance bills consult tax experts before commencing line-by-line scrutiny.

More needs to be done to improve scrutiny of tax measures to build on recent progress, said House of Commons Treasury Committee Chair Andrew Tyrie in an April 11 statement, adding that he will continue to press the government to introduce oral evidence sessions. The move was one of 10 recommended steps for improving tax policy making, set out in a joint report from the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and the Institute for Government in January.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury Jane Ellison told Tyrie in a March 30 letter that she was “not persuaded at present by the merits of delaying the [finance bill] programming to allow for oral evidence sessions.” Read more:

My news story for Tax Analysts, April 13 (paywall)

Treasury Committee: More needs to be done on improving tax policy making