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Scottish government opens debate on income tax strategy

The Scottish government has launched a debate on the use of devolved tax powers to protect public services in the face of continued austerity imposed by the UK government, first minister Nicola Sturgeon told members of the Scottish Parliament on September 5.

Sturgeon was outlining her minority government’s priorities for the 2017/18 parliamentary session. The programme sets out 16 proposed bills, including measures to implement budget proposals expected to be announced later this year. The Scottish government recognises that “taxation must be used responsibly and progressively, and that taxpayers value certainty”, according to a government paper titled “A Nation with Ambition” ….

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, warned that “dragging Scotland down with ever more punitive taxes is not the right way.” Read more:

My news story for Tax Analysts, September 6 (paywall)

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