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Contributions to Tax Notes, December 2019

Brexit Bill Clears First Hurdle Amid Customs Concerns

Members of the U.K. Parliament passed the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill at its second reading, as the government brushed aside concerns over customs arrangements and the length of the Brexit transition period. The bill introduced on December 19 is intended to ratify the withdrawal agreement reached in October …

My news story for Tax Notes (paywall), December 23, 2019:

Brexit Bill Clears First Hurdle Amid Customs Concerns

Other contributions to Tax Notes Today International during December 2019 included:

U.K. Loan Charge Undermines Taxpayer Protections, Review Says
The U.K. government announced several changes to the controversial loan charge after a review backed the charge’s “essential purpose” but found that elements of it “go too far in undermining or overriding taxpayer protections.”

U.K. Government Urged to Review Child Benefit Charge
The U.K. government should review the controversial high-income child benefit charge, which involves complex interactions between tax and benefits law and can have unforeseen consequences for families, a tax charity has said.

Agreement on Pillar 1 Proposals Is Vital, U.K. Tax Expert Says
Agreement on the OECD’s pillar 1 proposals for tax reform is vital to avoid “full-on tax wars” with a proliferation of digital services taxes and countermeasures, Chartered Institute of Taxation President Glyn Fullelove said.

Johnson Vows to Push U.K. Digital Tax Despite France-U.S. Rift
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will press ahead with a digital services tax if reelected, he told journalists, despite rising tensions over unilateral measures that the U.S. government regards as unfairly targeting American multinationals.