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Uber’s London tribunal defeat transforms self-employment debate

A UK tribunal has held that a group of Uber drivers were employed as “workers” for the purposes of employment rights, working time, and national minimum wage legislation.

In a lengthy statement of reasons for the judgment in Mr Y Aslam, Mr J Farrar and Others v. Uber, the tribunal judges concluded that the drivers worked for Uber and did so in a contractual relationship. “And if there is a contract with Uber, it is self-evidently not a contract under which Uber is a client or customer of a business carried on by the driver,” they said, adding that they regarded such a notion as “absurd.”

The company has indicated that it will appeal against the decision.

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HMRC consults on measures to simplify employee benefits tax

A flurry of HM Revenue & Customs consultations launched August 9 reduced a considerable backlog, but there remained no sign of long-awaited consultations on HMRC’s contentious Making Tax Digital (MTD) project … An HMRC spokesman told Tax Analysts that no date has been fixed yet for the launch of the MTD consultations.

The consultations published August 9 included three relating to employment income: Continue reading “HMRC consults on measures to simplify employee benefits tax”

HMRC pursues IR35 reform for public sector work despite criticism

Proposals to shift responsibility for applying a controversial anti-avoidance rule to the public sector will impose “punitive” taxes on public sector organisations and micro-businesses, according to a trade association representing freelancers …

HMRC launched a consultation on May 26 on changes intended to improve the effectiveness of IR35.

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Here is HMRC’s consultation, which closes on August 18.