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Taylor review calls for public debate on gig economy solutions

The UK government said it will not “revisit” the issue of the self-employed rate of national insurance contributions (NICs) after a team commissioned to review the gig economy endorsed the principles behind the government’s attempt to increase the rate in the spring 2017 budget.

NICs paid by employees and by self-employed people should be “moved closer to parity,” according to the team’s report titled “Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices,” published July 11.

Led by Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the RSA think tank, the review team concluded that the taxation of labour should be made more consistent across forms of employment over the long term. The review was “only the latest in a series of studies to make the point,” and the team encouraged the government to raise public awareness of the issue and engage in debate with stakeholders about potential long-term solutions. Read more:

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Uber’s London tribunal defeat transforms self-employment debate

A UK tribunal has held that a group of Uber drivers were employed as “workers” for the purposes of employment rights, working time, and national minimum wage legislation.

In a lengthy statement of reasons for the judgment in Mr Y Aslam, Mr J Farrar and Others v. Uber, the tribunal judges concluded that the drivers worked for Uber and did so in a contractual relationship. “And if there is a contract with Uber, it is self-evidently not a contract under which Uber is a client or customer of a business carried on by the driver,” they said, adding that they regarded such a notion as “absurd.”

The company has indicated that it will appeal against the decision.

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